How to up-size your wheels and tyres perfectly?

After buying a new car, the main things that most people upgrade in their car are wheel and tyre. There is no uncertainty that they add extra energy to your new pride and happiness, but they can also bring potential damage to your car.

So here are some tips that are important to know before upsizing your tyre. If your car comes with steel wheel rims, then it does not make sense to shift alloy wheels. However, alloys are more beloved than steel rims, but they provide many advantages. If you upsize the tyre through Apollo Tyre Dealers In Noida¸ you will also get some newly launched tyres options for your vehicles.

SUPERIOR LOOKS:- The best reason for choosing alloy wheels is that provide a good look to your car. Large, well-designed dazzling wheels can increase the look and appeal of your car like no other single feature. Low profile car’s tyre looks good and improves handling but according to their cost.

REDUCTION IN WEIGHT:- Unsprung weight wheel, the joint weight of tyre and suspension or weight of those parts, which rest on the springs and the bulk of the car. And lighter is always better. Both riding and handling have been significantly improved with a lighter wheel.

IMPROVED FUEL EFFICIENCY:- This decrease in mass or the wheel also leads to an enhancement in mileage, particularly in stop-start traffic.

Enhanced BRAKING AND PERFORMANCE:- Decrease in wheel weight also allows acceleration and braking powers to move better.

COOLER BRAKES:- Critical as far as India is concerned, alloy wheel designs that enable a  greater airflow to the brakes, can extensively decrease brake fade and increment the life of the brake

UPSIZE FOR AGILITY:- Turning performance, especially turn-in and steering reactions, also enhance dramatically when wheels or rims are upsized or taller.

If you do not want to take any risk with your car, then you can get help from a specialist. The Apollo car tyre in Noida is the best choice to get help from a specialist, where you will get the full guidance through specialist which type of tyre can deliver better performance.

Understand tyre upsizing:-

Next step, getting the right sized tyre according to your vehicle.  But before doing so, make sure you understand how it works. Many aftermarket shops will try to sell tyres and wheels that give them maximum benefits. If you find the wrong size, not only will your car ride and handling damage, you can harm your car as well.

There are a few ways behind the madness of upsizing tyres and wheels. One reason is that every manufacturer offers a standard size of the tyre and wheel rim on a particular car. This is because the car wheel and tyre size have been chosen to balance the performance, fuel efficiency, riding, and handling. So if you change from the standard size, then one or all of these properties will change.

For example, if you thinking to fit a large diameter wheel, then you have to put a lower profile tyre on it. Lower profile tyres give a definite élan to the car, but the lower stiffer sidewall completely replaces driving the car’s dynamics. If you have a smooth tarmac, then you will handle the car like you are running a rail.

But on anything less than completely smooth roads, the ride will be excessively firm and you’ll have to repair it through an expert mechanic.


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