How To Pick The Correct Type Tyre For Your Trip And Task?

Everyone uses their four-wheel drive (4WD) for various purposes in different road conditions, so it is imperative that you invest in the right tyre type and brand to meet your expectations. Selection of incorrect tyre type can result in dissatisfaction and as you are not happy with its performance then you may have to change the tyre prematurely.

Let’s look at 4×4 Tyre types & what tyre type you need to select for your vehicle’s utmost performance:-


The Highway-Terrain is among the prevalent tyre pattern that we sell. This tyre is ideal for the driver who drives the vehicle mostly on highway-road and long road. To limit noise of between road and tyre, this tyre renders a quiet ride with a closed thread design, compacted shoulder, and tread design. Typically, the highway terrain tyres will also perform well in the sand.


The Mud-Terrain is specially designed for the 4WD buff who prefer to drive on off-road tracks only. The zealous open tread patterns provide wonderful grip in completely sloppy conditions so that’s why their tread pattern specially designed for the difficult off-road conditions.

Mud-Terrain tyres aren’t intended for on-road driving. Therefore, when a client plainly requests M/T tyres, then first we make out that they would be driving on off-road tracks only. For a better range of tyre, you can go Apollo in Noida.


All-Terrain is one of the best tyres and mostly Indian driver prefer to buy it for a weekend ride, long ride and any kind of long holiday tour. All-Terrain tyre has manufactured with highly rendering capability to tackle 50% on road issues and 50% off-road issues. The all-terrain tyre is an ideal tyre for those drivers who drive about half-a-year in off-road conditions and another half-a-year in on-road conditions.

In fact, the tyre is one of the most important parts of your vehicle that not only improve performance to drive in various road conditions but also provide better fuel economy. Hence, it turns into even more critical to choose proper tyres for your vehicle and keep it in fantastic condition to give you the best performance whenever you’re driving on it.

Why Need To Change Tyre Pressure According To Road Conditions? Can It Effect On The Tyre?

When you ask diverse drivers, that the optimal tyre pressure needed to maintain the car to achieve the best tyre performance and safety should be how much and why. Chances are there you will get all kinds of answers. When it comes to driving in various kind of road, there is not one perfect formula for right or optimal tyre pressure.

Many times, road trippers check tyre pressure sporadically and regardless changing the road areas, leaving the tyre at one pressure, they make it even worse. Still, purchasing a good quality tyre is not only critical for great performance and stability but also important for safety. Apollo tyre dealers in Noida is still the best choice of mostly driver to buy best performance tyre and Only Apollo tyres have been selected to meet their work in different types of road conditions.

Maintaining Optimal Tyre Pressure Is the Key:-

When you’re beginning your trip the first thing comes in mind that you have made the optimum tyre pressure, which will help you to reduce the risk of a blowout and optimize your tyre for better safety and performance.

To effectively achieve and maintain traction, it is important that you set your vehicle’s tyres under the right pressure for the trip.

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